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  • Celtic Cross - for obtaining specific answers of the tarot.
  • Past-Present-Future - Gain insight into your past, present and perhaps future.
  • Relationship Reading - Gain insight into your relationship with this reading.
  • Career - Gain insight into the office and business dynamics affecting your career.
  • Open Reading - Dive into an open tarot reading, or use any layout of your choice.
  • and more...
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General Book of the Tarot

Introduction to A. E. Thierens' work
By A.E. Waite (1930)

If ever a book should be written on the Romance of Symbolism, its hypothesis of interpretation, its traditional and imputed histories, a considerable space would be allotted assuredly to Tarot-cards; while seeing that at this day there is more concern in the subject than was felt even in the past, there would be a call not only to survey that which lies behind us, a strange field of speculation and reverie, but the prospect extending in front, since every year brings forth some new proposition and provides material for future imaginative flights.


How things will stand with the Tarot in days to come may loom therefore vaguely; but obviously there are activities to come. There is, however, one side of the subject on which no horizon opens. As to where the Trumps Major originated, how and with whom, there is no conclave of adepts to tell us and no isolated student, holding evidential warrants. At the moment we can look only for more speculations and more dreams to come.

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Tarot Card Meanings

Learn how to interpret tarot cards from the classic texts, for free. Study the arcane symbolism of the tarot cards, their divinatory meanings, astrological correspondence and more.

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Truly Shuffled Tarot

Tarotlore is the only site to shuffle its tarot decks reliably and to deal every possible combination of tarot cards. Read more to learn why.

The tarot is of myriad possibilities

A standard 78-card tarot deck, properly shuffled before each reading, can produce about 4,500,000,000,000,000,000 (four and a half quintrillion) unique 10-card Celtic Cross tarot spreads: almost enough to reflect the incredible nuance and diversity of daily life.

But online tarot readings are limited

Due to the nature of computers as deterministic machines, most websites cannot reliably shuffle a deck of cards. In fact, a computer generated 10-card tarot reading is typically selected from a repository of only a little over 4,000,000,000 (four billion) different tarot spreads: that's less than one unique tarot reading for every person in the world. More than 99% of potential tarot card combinations cannot be dealt by other sites!

Tarotlore is different

Tarotlore is the only site to reliably shuffle tarot decks. This is achieved by tapping into the innate randomness of quantum physical processes, external to the computer. Only Tarotlore is capable of dealing every possible combination of tarot cards.

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