The Oracle of the Tarot

Paul Foster Case (1933)

A Course on Tarot Divination

TAROT divination is not fortune-telling. The practice of fortune-telling is based on the false notion that human life is governed by luck, chance, or fate-by obscure powers at work outside the personality. True divination rests upon the occult truth that the causes of all events in human life are really internal, proceeding from the Cause of Causes-- the Universal Intelligent Energy or Life-power which is the Source, Mover and Knower behind all the phenomena of the universe...

Lesson 1: An Introduction to the Tarot
Lesson 2: The Suit of Wands
Lesson 3: The Suit of Cups
Lesson 4: The Suit of Swords
Lesson 5: The Suit of Coins
Lesson 6: The Tarot Trumps
Lesson 7: Tarot Divination
Lesson 8: Fourth Stage of Tarot Divination
Lesson 9: Fifth Stage of Tarot Divination
Lesson 10: Final Stage of Tarot Divination

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