Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles


A sculptor at his work in a monastery. Compare the design which illustrates the Eight of Pentacles. The apprentice or amateur therein has received his reward and is now at work in earnest.

Divinatory Meanings

M├ętier, trade, skilled labour; usually, however, regarded as a card of nobility, aristocracy, renown, glory.

Divinatory Meanings - Reversed

Mediocrity, in work and otherwise, puerility, pettiness, weakness.

Additional Divinatory Meanings

If for a man, celebrity for his eldest son.

Additional Meanings - Reversed

Depends on neighbouring cards.

Three of Pentacles

Divinatory Meanings

Three of Pentacles - Nobility, Elevation, Dignity, Rank, Power.

Divinatory Meanings - Reversed

Children, Sons, Daughters, Youths, Commencement.

Three of Pentacles


Nobility, noblesse, good and generous action, aristocracy, fame, glory, splendour, etc. Consideration, generous action. The reversed meanings do not appear at all to respond to a card of pentacle-nature and, as in many other cases, simply seem to imply the absence of the better qualities: weakness, humility, vile and abject action, etc. Another version gives: "Métier, trade, skilled labour." (Waite)


The Fire on the Seventh house, which rules the contact of the Self and the Not-self, the relations between both, the executive ability in man. So this must lead to the idea of well-doing and noble demeanour, owing to the Sun and Venus again. Compare horoscopes with the Sun and Venus in VII. Well-conducted relations denote civilisation, aristocracy, and the proper expression of one's relation to the world in his occupation, his métier, as Waite has it; profession, marriage and employment. So this card has to do with 'workmanship,' which is well expressed by the drawing of the card in the set of Waite


Civilisation, aristocracy, good workmanship, skill, civil treatment and noblesse, agreeable relation, métier, employment, profession, marriage; good done to other people, bounty, profitable relations in business; restoration, reparation, beneficial arrangement. A marriage will do much good.

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